Power BI Ninjas


Data Solutions.


Elegant Dashboards

We quickly build elegant Dashboards to help you gain real time insights into your organization’s data.

Customized Reports

We build rich reports that connect multiple data sources together. We design and build clear data products to help your business thrive.

Promptly Delivered

Time is of the essence. We pride ourselves in promptly delivering high quality data products.


Clear Dashboards

Business dashboards are great tools for tracking the most important data in your organization. Our visualizations provide a clear picture to the trends and current state of your key data.  The final products can be shared throughout your organization or kept private through row level security.


Power BI is a state of the art Business Intelligence software and is designed to pull data from multiple sources. We build data products to merge these data sources into useful, real-time reports.

Data Science Consulting

We provide consulting on data science projects such as Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis,Data Modeling, and ETL

Power BI Training

We offer remote training services to help your team grow their Power BI Development skills.

Let’s Connect!

About Us

We at Power BI Ninjas are passionate about data and problem solving. We are a team of elite data professionals with years of experience in software development, business intelligence, and data warehousing.  We’ve helped organizations in many different industries improve their KPIs and gain valuable insights from their data. We pride ourselves in quickly creating exceptional products to improve the Business Intelligence at your organization.

For questions, please email us at emma@powerbininjas.com or call us at 1-612-599-6964