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How To Connect to an Excel File on SharePoint Using Power BI

There’s a new and much easier way using the file path from Teams. 1) From Teams, select the three dots, go to details, scroll down on the right side and find the path to copy. 4) Use that path to connect to web from Power BI ——————————————-Other way with more steps below—————————————————— 1)  Open the file…
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Power BI Premium vs Pro vs Premium Per User (PPU)

Power BI Licenses currently come with 3 options. Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium, and Premium Per User (PPU). As of 9/11/22, these are current costs on Microsoft’s site. I recommend organizations just trying it out to start with Pro or Premium Per User. To make Premium worth the investment, you’d need over 500 Pro users,…
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How To Build a Marketing Dashboard

Companies spend on average ~12% of revenue on marketing. In today’s digital world, measuring effectiveness of marketing data is easier than ever. We can now track how many people are seeing or clicking on our ads. There are many digital channels companies will use to market: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify,Bing, etc. These major social media companies…
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Quickly Find Duplicates in a Column

Sometimes a duplicate value can cause problems in Power BI/Excel. This is the fastest way I’ve learned to find a duplicate value in a column.  Begin by bringing the column into Excel. Turn on the Filter for the column with duplicates. (From Home Tab, select ‘Sort & Filter’, then ‘Filter’ (Cntl-Shift-L if you want to…
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Minnesota State Employee Salary Search

Tool for searching Minnesota State Employee Salary data.

How To Export Matrix visual not in Tabular Form

I stumbled upon this post in the Power BI Community because a customer had the same request. When they exported out of the Matrix visual they were getting tabbed data. The csv file ends up being tabbed and the user wanted it to export just as it displayed in Power BI. My solution for the…
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I love LOOKUPVALUE. It’s a great DAX function. However, sometimes, it’s better for the column to be looked up in Power Query. To bring in a column from another table, Merge your lookup table with your main table on the common key. Here’s an example where I bring in the State Name into a table.…
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