How To Build a Marketing Dashboard

Companies spend on average ~12% of revenue on marketing. In today’s digital world, measuring effectiveness of marketing data is easier than ever. We can now track how many people are seeing or clicking on our ads.

There are many digital channels companies will use to market: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify,Bing, etc. These major social media companies all offer means of extracting your marketing data to measure which channel is performing best.

Power BI is a great tool to bring all these data sources into one data product for cross-channel analysis.

Here are some steps to begin building a marketing dashboard:

  1. Identify which data sources you want in the dashboard. (Google Analytics, Social Media, Call Data, Offline marketing, etc.)
  2. Learn how to extract the data from each source.
  3. Save the data extracts (often done on a monthly basis) to a company sharepoint location.
  4. Use Power BI to connect to the different data files on sharepoint.
Work with your Business Analytics and Marketing Teams to build and improve the process and product. There are some data sources (Google Analytics and Salesforce for example) that have data available via api. This allows automatic connection to the company marketing data and removes the step of having to extract data.
Below is a sample dashboard if you’d like to explore and see some of the things Power BI can do with your marketing data.

If you have any questions or want help building an elite Marketing Dashboard, please contact us.