Quickly Find Duplicates in a Column

Quickly Find Duplicates in a Column

Sometimes a duplicate value can cause problems in Power BI/Excel.

This is the fastest way I’ve learned to find a duplicate value in a column. 

  1. Begin by bringing the column into Excel.
  2. Turn on the Filter for the column with duplicates. (From Home Tab, select ‘Sort & Filter’, then ‘Filter’ (Cntl-Shift-L if you want to use the shortcut))      
  3. Next, Select the ‘Conditional Formatting’, then ‘Highlight Cell Rules’, then ‘Duplicate Values’

 4. Select Ok

5. Click on Column Filter, select ‘Filter by Color’, then ‘Filter by Font Color’ 

6. You should now be able to see which values have duplicates so that you can clean your data.

Here’s a video demonstration here as well. Shout out to my friend Mathi who showed me this super quick way to find duplicates. Thank you Mathi!

Thanks for reading and comment if you have any questions.

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